Week in Review

In a Week in Review I share the best and the worst of each week, while still trying to focus on the happy parts (after all this blog is about my affair with it).


I’ve been taking the train to Zurich every day this past week to take a beginners German course (read more about it here). This week’s peak is all about being in the right place at the right time, and it is because of this course that I was.

On Wednesday, as I was leaving class I walked through the crowded streets heading to the train station. I often hear so many conversations and am unable to really tune in to any of them (most of them are in German (to be more specific, Swiss German)), when all of a sudden I hear:

“Anyone wanna hear some great Canadian music?”

And I stop right in my tracks! Did you say Canadian music?!

I ended up talking to members of a band called Noxinixon (who I’ve never heard of until today), I bought their album (gotta support a fellow Canadian), and have been listening to them ever since (you can listen to them on Spotify here). They’ll be performing in a nearby town next week and I am hoping to go.

Who would have thought that just outside of Berlitz in Zurich I’d be meeting some fellow Canucks! Switzerland you are full of surprises.


The lack of progress of my VISA continues to cast a shadow over our time here (hence the featured image of today’s post).

We’ve been working at applying for my VISA so I can live in Switzerland with my husband. But, hindsight is always 20/20; we both wish we would’ve been more thorough in our research. Let’s just say, its a lot of paper work, and most of it is out of our hands and in the hands of two previous countries that I’ve lived in before. Not only does it cost a lot to obtain the required paper work, but it seems impossible to receive any follow up on said paper work!

Will keep you posted. Wish me luck!


VISA paper work be like…


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