A Simple Walk

Our move to Switzerland has been the topic of conversation with my husband and I for months now. Most days we cannot believe we are finally here. We are still adjusting, and not every day has been easy (some days far from it). After all, affairs are not always perfect. But, having weekends off and with everything closed on Sunday, there’s no better way to spend our time together then to go for a walk.

It’s funny how a simple walk in Switzerland can brighten our day and end an otherwise difficult week in a more positive way. Our simple walks tend to turn into small adventures (or sometimes big ones), allowing us to discover something new and beautiful that Frau Schweiz has to offer; not only for us, but for Bart too. I am not sure if we’ve been lucky in the routes that we’ve taken or if everywhere is this beautiful. This is a short post as I’ll allow the pictures to speak for themselves…

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