A Week in Review

In a Week in Review I share the best and the worst of each week, while still trying to focus on the happy parts (after all this blog is about my affair with it).

This week, Swiss all over celebrated Switzerland’s 728th birthday. Switzerland has obviously been around for longer than that, in fact, many archeological finds have found evidence that people have been living in this area for thousands of years (check this out), and in case you couldn’t tell, I ❤️  history.

Here are this weeks Peak and Pit (Swiss National Day or Schweizer Bundesfeiertag Edition):


This week’s peak has to do with history (obviously). No matter where you are in Switzerland you are bound to find a small piece of history anywhere. There are churches, houses, statutes, and castles that materialize through Switzerland’s lush landscape. Over this past weekend I went to visit one of these castles (check out more about my trip here and here).

On Saturday, we hiked our way up the mountain that the Neu Bechburg Castle lays upon. The castle does not normally let visitors in, however, this was a special occasion. A family of 5 has been living as they would have 500 years ago beyond the castle walls as a sort of summer project. This project is called In the Shadow of the Castle – Living 500 Years Ago (or in German, Im Schatten der Burg – Leben vor 500 Jahren).

As we reached the towering castle I couldn’t help but run my fingers along the stone walls imagining the stories that they could tell.


There are places like this all over Switzerland, and I hope to write more about them as my affair continues.


As this is a special edition post, in honour of the Swiss National Day, of course my pit reflects this too.

We were warned, but I didn’t believe it. Fireworks! So many fireworks. Don’t get me wrong, I love fireworks, but I do not like being woken at all hours of the night because of them (and because of Bart barking furiously, yes he is still sleeping in our room). The fireworks started the day of July 31st and continued until the early hours of August 2nd. As far as I could tell there wasn’t a place to gather and watch them (as we do in Canada), people were just letting them go all over the place, even in the parking lot in front of our bedroom window. To say I wasn’t impressed is an understatement. Switzerland, I love you, but I do not enjoy having to deal with a terrified dog for two full nights… I think next year we’ll celebrate Swiss National Day… in Germany.

Firework remains

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