City, Country, and All That’s In-between

This past weekend we took to the road; for a total of 40 minutes. Not very far I know, but forty minutes was all it took to taste what Switzerland has to offer; city, country, and small town life too. On Sunday we went from hiking in the forest behind our house, having a deluge of a dinner in the middle of Basel, then coming home to sunny flowers and ice cream.

Switzerland seems boundless. High mountain peaks that dive into profound glacial lakes. The beauty of Switzerland is that those places are all attainable. From towering mountain peaks to the hustle and bustle of colorful cities. Switzerland flirts with her surroundings, beckoning you to her mountains, entangling you in her jungles of evergreen, then captivating you in her urban. All this in less than an hours drive.

With all this beauty at your fingertips, no wonder the Swiss are so happy. You get the best of both worlds; a little bit of city, a little of the country life, and all that is in-between.

Forty minutes and a bit of wanderlust was all it took for Switzerland to expose her offerings. I’ve only had a sampling, and I can’t wait to taste more.

mountains in our grasp

The town of Oensingen snuggling between the Alps and surrounding forests

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