Week in Review

In a Week in Review I share the best and the worst of each week, while still trying to focus on the happy parts (after all this blog is about my affair with it).

Here are this weeks Peak and Pit:


The positive first; it’s been a tough week (I’m still fighting the loneliness), but I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone a few times and I can only hope that I’ll continue to push myself more and more. There is a lot to discover, but I am taking time to notice the small things as I continue to explore and learn my away around:



Entschuldigung, grüezi, tschüss… eine cappuccino bitte… Mein name ist Dana, ich spreche kein deutsch…. yes, language can be a problem, especially when you don’t understand it. I can make out some words, but OMG native speakers talk fast! All I can do is think to myself, keine Ahnung!!

When you are unsure of the language it makes life just a little more difficult. So, I have been listening to German podcasts, using Google translate and Duolingo, and watching some of my favourite TV shows “auf Deutsch”. Soon I will start German language classes. I am hoping this will help with the language barrier. Also, if you’re wondering about the featured image of this post, well, it is my first grüezi! A huge thank you goes out to the gentleman who did not laugh at me!



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