Bart: Surprises & Adjustments

We’ve been mostly thinking of how we would adjust to this new adventure. We were so excited to bring Bart to Switzerland we barely gave a second thought to the adjustments Bart will be making too.

This weekend we went for our first hike, we were so excited that we could finally take Bart out with us on the weekends. Bart has only known pavement, occasional strips of grass, and sand, lots and lots of sand. This past week Bart has been introduced to dirt roads, hiking trails, fields of wild flowers, meadows, and rocky shores. He seemed unsure and almost tip toed around, afraid to make a wrong move, but we took it easy and gave him plenty of time to explore and take it all in.

During our hike I commented on the amount of dogs that were on the trails and all over, my sister-in-law exclaimed that every second person in Switzerland has a dog (not sure of this statistic), but spending the day outside with our dog was pure joy.

The biggest surprise of the weekend, as Bart is a dog who hates baths, we figured we’d have to bring water for him to drink. As you can see from the picture, I guess even Bart cannot resist the sweet Swiss water.

On Saturday, we had a thunderstorm; Bart’s first. I wish I had taken a picture of it. You could see the rain clouds swarming in over the hills and lightening crashing through the skies, we turned the lights off, and watched it roll in. We figured if we didn’t react, Bartman would be fine. Not a chance. He whined, came to us, whined some more, pawed us, then continued to bark at the heavens to be quiet.

In fact, as we were getting ready for bed he followed us to our room as if to say:

“Are you crazy? I am not sleeping alone after hearing all that??!”

So, Bartman spent the night in our room… and has been sleeping there every night since… that’s right adjustments for us all.




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