The Old & The New

This weekend marks our first weekend in Switzerland. It is all so very surreal, exciting, and overwhelming. Everything is unfamiliar and even a simple trip to the grocery store is sensory overload; we leave feeling exhausted and frustrated.

However, this is not a post about all the frustrations of moving to a new country (although there are many). This is about finding the moments of happiness and truly appreciating all that makes this one of the most happiest countries in the world.

After our trip to the grocery store, we made our way to Ikea. When we stepped into Ikea a wave of calmness swept over me as I sighed with an internal relief of familiarity. I know this, I thought to myself. It’s funny how I started my life in the United Arab Emirates the same way, shopping for furniture and eating in the Ikea restaurant, haha; but the old was sort of comforting and I appreciated something familiar in a sea of the unfamiliar.

There is something beautiful in the unfamiliar though. Especially in Switzerland. Here Saturdays are a day to run errands, get your groceries and make Ikea trips, all of these places were packed with people. Sundays, everything closes and you spend time to enjoying some rest and relaxation. We spent Sunday taking Bart on his first hike (more about his weekend adventures to come), enjoying a lovely lunch along the river, and picking flowers on the side of the road to brighten up our otherwise dull apartment (a few more weeks and we will have our furniture from Dubai delivered to our door).

Although this weekend was completely unfamiliar to us, we ended it with a feeling of renewal. We were happy. Soon all this unfamiliar will become familiar and I won’t always be looking for something I recognize.


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