Week in Review

In a Week in Review I’ll include something I used to do with my students; share the peak and pit of each week.

A part of this affair is reflection. You might say that it’s not good to look back, just keep moving forward and pushing through, but I disagree, this journey must have reflection in order for it to be successful; what went well, what didn’t, so I can continue to grow and improve.

I am doing this not only for reflection, but also to demystify what I may post on Instagram or Facebook, too often we look at the images on social media and only see that moment, the second it took to take the picture, and we judge for it. I hope the images I post are just as amazing as I thought they were when I decided I wanted to capture the moment, but believe me, there is a lot going on behind those pictures.

This was a short week (we arrived on Tuesday morning), but it still felt like a full week as I am still adjusting (and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future).

Here goes my first Week in Review… 


The outside…

So grateful for being outside, especially after being in the desert for so long. As a Canadian I think it is in my blood to be outside. Everyday, twice a day (ok on Wednesday 5 times!!) I was outside walking around the city (with Bartman of course). I am a bit nervous about getting lost (thank God for Google Maps), but I am learning my way around. The fresh air, the cool breeze, the green everywhere… I love it.


Loneliness. My husband went to work the day after we arrived. I knew this would be something I would battle with, and I am trying to avoid it like the plague. Keeping busy and having a plan for the day is the best thing for me. I make lists and plans and try to be outside (see above) as much as I can to prevent it from overwhelming me. But, there have been moments when I thought “can I do this?” When this happens I go outside.




2 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Denise iampietro says:

    Will you get a teaching job Dana? I always hoped Mike would get a foreign assignment so we could experience life out of Canada. A “peak” is that you get to have this amazing experience. When I get overwhelmed with where I am at a certain point in life, I do this little exercise a wise person told me about. Think about today only. The future will make you anxious. Then think of where you’ll be in 6 months. When 6 months arrives you’ll realize your fears have passed and what you’ve accomplished. Write a note in a calendar 6 months ahead if it helps put your anxieties away until you get to that date and look back.


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