Bart’s Adventure Begins

Bart is our dog. There was so much I was excited for with our Big Move, but I was most excited to see how Bart would react.

We fostered Bart (aka Batman, Bman, or Bartleby) initially. My husband was not a dog person (too dirty for his liking), so fostering him was a sort of trial period. I grew up with dogs, and living in the UAE without my dog was very lonely. A friend of mine told me about an animal rescue organization in Dubai and in January of 2013 we fostered Bart; in May 2013 we officially adopted him.

Batman is definetly a desert dog, he’s lived in the UAE his entire life. He’s only known the concrete jungle of Dubai with the occasional patch of greenery. The winter months of Dubai are like the summers of Switzerland, fresh and warm; but the summers, the summers are excruciating.┬áNo fun for us; especially Bart. Bart’s adventures in Switzerland have only begun, stay tuned for Bart updates as he experiences a whole new life outside of the sandbox.


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